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Transformation Marketing and Revenue Acceleration for Entrepreneurial Organizations

We help entrepreneurs create and grow businesses faster and with less capital.

Strategy . Marketing . Investibility

How we are different from an “Accelerator”

Unfortunately, the term accelerator has become synonymous with a speedy incubation model.  Many of these processed-based programs, exchange mentoring, a small cash infusion, and offices, for an equity stake in the venture.

Flint’s model focuses almost exclusively on sales and marketing, and relies on deeper, hands-on implementation, with a vested interest in the success of the venture.

We strive to align our interest with those of our clients by using a variety of mutually-beneficial venture-based compensation models including; fees, revenue sharing, options, and equity.

We do 3 things…


We develop better sales-generating marketing through improved marketing assets and go-to-market strategies.


Flint’s methods expand the reference-able account list, build the funnel, and land the new clients quickly and profitably.


We are well positioned to assist in raising capital required to fund your venture’s acceleration.

For 3 groups…

Emerging Ventures

Flint helps promising emerging companies with differentiable value propositions, technological innovations and leverage-able intellectual property.

Companies in Transition

Flint facilitates value creation for mature companies by helping them innovate and plan for the future.


Flint helps potential and current investors with strategic marketing insights during and after the due diligence phase.

Our Ventures

Our Approach

Raise revenue – not capital

An entrepreneur’s goal should be to build their company on the backs of their customers, not their investors.

Be realistic about where you are

Flint will work with your venture to better understand what stage you are at; early stage, incubation, acceleration. By clearly understanding your stage of development Flint will be better poised to assist in delivering appropriate services.

Leverage Transformation Marketing

Flint will work to use inspired marketing strategies in a broader context that can help to stage an emerging business for rapid growth, and if necessary, financing.

Incubation and acceleration

Our Model

Incubation deliverables

These are the prerequisites of acceleration:

  • MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
  • Validated proof-of-concept
  • Proof of revenue and functioning scalable financial model
  • 3 referenceable accounts
  • Raised money

Depth of engagement

Emerging ventures are typically unable to take consulting. Our approach involves an unusual blend of analysis, deep strategic advice, and roll-up-the-sleeves, hands on execution.

To Ultimately:

  • Build start-up value faster
  • Find new revenue sources for an maturing venture
  • Maximize an entrepreneur’s chances for success, speed to revenue, and “Return on Sweat”

Our Team

Charlie Bartlett

35 years experience across a wide cross section of industries.

13 years in Advertising: Charlie held senior client management positions with respected and fast-growing advertising agencies focused on strategic planning, new product introductions and brand building.

Coincident with his time in advertising, Charlie co-founded Montana, a successful bar restaurant which until its sale continued to do revenues in excess of $4.2 million. Charlie was responsible for concept development, strategic planning, brand development and securing financing for this start-up.

Next 12 years in digital marketing including co-founding Trajectory as a frontline sales force performance-improvement Company, deploying online game based, experiential learning and motivation to call centers, VARS, retailers, agents, and authorized distributors. In 2005, Charlie co-founded a venture that recognized the emerging trend of video gaming going online. Resulted in an all-new sales channel for Sony’s PlayStation division and increased ARPU for Aliant Telecommunications.

In mid-2006, Charlie and his partners sold Trajectory into Pareto Inc.
In 2011, as part of his ongoing role in Flint Business Acceleration, Charlie founded SalesHub, an Inbound Marketing lead generation practice, and SalesForce Outsource. Both are now part of the SalesForce Group of Companies.

Bartlett continues to be managing director of Flint Venture Catalyst, a revenue and transformational change agent for entrepreneurial organizations providing outsourced marketing and sales enablement.

At this time Flint is helping a diverse group of B2C and B2B companies including companies in travel, hospitality, wealth management, content marketing, on-demand IT services, estate litigation, cognitive enhancement, and lifestyle publishing.

Charlie has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Toronto

Daniel Doiron

Daniel he has been teaching in the areas of Management Information Systems, New Venture Development, Small Business Management, Competitive Strategy and Managing Innovation at both the undergraduate and graduate levels for the past six years. Innovative teaching methods are his passion and one that he has recently created and implemented can be viewed at

Daniel serves as the Director of the Electronic Commerce Research and Training Centre and has been involved in founding four technology start-ups, the most recent of which is a company which provides a GIS based Marine Electronics solution to the global in-shore fisheries market.

Daniel began his career in the telecommunications industry in 1984 following graduation from the University of New Brunswick where he received a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering. In 1991, Daniel received a Masters Degree in the Management of Technology from the Sloan School of Management at MIT.

Daniel and his wife Jackie reside in Saint John, Canada with their three young boys.

Nicole Kemp

Nicole has over 15 years experience in digital marketing. She holds an MBA in strategy from the Sauder School of Business at UBC, and teaches Social Media part time at Seneca College’s graduate Corporate Communications program.

She has been the account lead on a wide variety of digital engagements including large-scale CRM programs, online advertising, social media campaigns, content management systems and search engine optimization.

Nicole has led the strategic planning process for many clients across a wide range of verticals including Molson Coors, Reckitt Benckiser, Plan Canada, the LCBO and Fountain Tire.

Nicole’s ability to deftly assess challenges, and rapidly devise multifaceted strategic plans to approach and overcome those challenges is a key strength.

Contact Us

Charlie Bartlett
Cell: (416) 526-7321
Twitter: @BizAcceleration

Flint Venture Catalyst
30 Commercial Rd.
Toronto, Ontario
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Flint Eastward:
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